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[KaiTakashi] - WIP RX8 Dragon Skin

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Mon Feb 18, 2013 8:25 am

I thought I would use the old dragon images I had for my Tribal Evo IX skin and blue Supra skin from a while back.

While I'm still working on the Supra skin (though I'm beginning to get tired of making somewhat simplistic skins like it. . .why did I start another skin), I began playing around with other mods and found Drakey's Mazda RX8 (non-Mad Mike version) while browsing DGM.

I felt it'd look quite nice in yellow. . .


I don't think I even bothered to grab screenshots of it from the rear during the replay I grabbed these from. Then again, the car's rear bumper is just a bare yellow right now. I'm gonna add a few sponsor logos and graphics on the rear bumper when I find more, and finish off the front bumper with a few decals.

If this uses basically the same wireframe as Drakey's Mad Mike RX8, I think this skin will work with it too, for those who drift the MM version.

I feel like I should just make a thread dedicated to my skins already.

If you do want to use this skin on either the Mad Mike or regular RX8, should I make it in other base colors other than yellow too?
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