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Author Topic: The BMW F10 M5 2013 V2.0 mod for LFS by Bandar and PowerD.  (Read 5714 times)

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The BMW F10 M5 2013 V2.0 mod for LFS by Bandar and PowerD.
« on: April 12, 2013, 09:04:26 PM »
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The BMW F10 M5 2013 V2.0 mod for LFS by Bandar and PowerD.

The Info list:

This converted Models by Bandar
The textures are made by Bandar and PowerD
The Tweaks are made by PowerD
The Engine sound is made by PowerD and ALI75
The Setups and Skins are made by PowerD
The Bonus is made by PowerD

The story/Reasons.

I began with this mod when Bandar released it.
I was very interested about this mod, because it was a mod that somebody actually never made a big sport sedan that was very new in that days.
I tried this mod, but i was actually dissapoint about the details of The BMW F10 M5. It missed a lot of details, precise. Later i began to work on the mod for months or nearly a year.
I was step by step searching what the mod really needed, because i like to work on details with percise.
Later i tried to contact on DRIFTMODS.net to show him what i did.
He liked the change of the mod.
Later i decided to work together with him to finish it this mod.
We toke a lot time to this mod, because i wanted this mod so realistic as possible near The Real BMW F10 M5.
Later the project began to be bigger, because i wanted to try something different a different way of mod release when it was finished.
I wanted to give the downloader of this mod chooses of the styl of the car.
I wanted to add something new in modding world of Live for Speed, something big that are rare this days about mods...
Not only for the people that like this sort of mods but too for myself to enjoy of what i made and to show what i can do if i take the time for it...
I tried to get every details on the mod, but it wants a lot more time and Live for Speed has limits too...
When this mod is released it will be real Sport Saloon with precise and details, but too driving pleasure and enjoyment.
It is a push on the button, its a sport car...

The Promo video

LFS BMW F10 M5 2013 V2.0 by PowerD and Bandar Promo HD

The originel pictures.

Download Link of The BMW F10 M5 2013 V2.0 Mod Brakes Addons By PowerD and Bandar : http://www.mediafire.com/?ooqij44zv19yu54
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